Protect your vehicle from the elements, including stone chips, road tar, scratches and other environmental damage. On any given day, your vehicle’s finish is put to the test through harsh weather, debris and everyday use. Get proactive and protect your investment by installing 3M™ Paint Protection Film anywhere your car can be exposed to damage.



Benefits of Paint Protection Film


Invisible barrier to damage - PPF acts as a shield on your vehicle’s paint, protecting against chips, minor scruffs, bug splatter and more.


Swirl-free paint – PPF prevents against common swirl marks from paint that appear on the car’s body over its lifetime.


Self-healing properties – PPF makes light scratches and swirls naturally disappear when your car is exposed to direct sunlight.


Maximized resale dollars – With PPF, you can keep your vehicle looking new, which means you can appeal to buyers in the resale market.


The Packages

We offer a full range of PPF packages depending on your individual needs, including front-end, partial and full-body care.

Package 1: Partial Front End Paint Protection Film (PPF)


Areas wrapped: Front of hood, fenders, bumper and side view mirrors
Great for: Minimum coverage, low investment or short lease terms

Package 2: Full Front End Paint Protection Film (PPF)


Areas wrapped: Full hood, fenders, front bumper and side view mirrors
Great for: The majority of car owners. Seams or lines in the middle of the panels are completely hidden. This is a seamless and full coverage service for all high impact areas.

Package 3: Full Body Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Areas wrapped: Full exterior coverage, edges wrapped, door sills protected

Great for: Those who plan on keeping their car for a long period of time or want to protect all exterior surfaces for peace of mind.

Brands we Use

Depending on your car’s make and its specific needs, we are able to apply a variety of Paint Protection Film products. Select each of the brands below to learn more about their features and benefits.



All films come with a lengthy warranty range protecting your service from five to ten years.

Need help choosing the best Paint Protection Film package for you? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation.