Ceramic Pro is the most popular coating in the automotive industry. Ceramic Pro is a quartz-based permanent protection for your vehicle that eliminates the need for waxing, sealing or conditioning. It can be applied to any surface including matte, frozen, gloss paints, wheels, trim, exhaust tips, glass, leather carpet and dash.






The Application Process


We pride ourselves on being experts in the industry. If you need advice on which service to select, or need help with coating options, we’re happy to help you.

These are the most important things to know when investing in Ceramic Pro:

• Quality and colour of paint
• How long you plan on owning the vehicle
• How you plan on using the vehicle
• Whether the vehicle is owned or leased

Choosing Your Service



Since Ceramic Pro is a product that can be layered, the warranty depends on the package you’ve chosen. Warranties can range from two years to a lifetime. We can walk you through the best option for you.
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